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First Choice don't want to waste anybody's time - especially our suppliers. We want to provide you with the very best in service and administration. In order to achieve this, we expect a little commitment back; we want to be your first choice for finance, therefore we have to work together to form a strong value added sales partnership.

What do you get for such a commitment:

We run several incentives a year for valued members of FCSF. We would be able to work together and achieve common goals. When these are reached, you can qualify for such an incentive.

All work and no play makes life far too stressful, so the more we know about you, the better our relationship will be. Please complete the simple boxes on the website and we will make sure you get invited to the right events for you.

Business is about relationships, and we provide you with a dedicated account manager. They will become part of your everyday running of the business, and will work as your business manager in helping to get your customers to buy the right equipment, even if it is out of their original budget.

This also strengthens our relationship through working with each other. We will learn those little details that make life tick. Through care and attention like this, we will always have a win-win situation.

We don't want our sales team wasting their time, and you don't want that from your sales team. This is why we ask for the reciprocal commitment. It works both ways.

Please complete and sign the collaboration agreement below and we can get to work straight away, providing you with a training session for your team on the benefits of selling with rentals as well as arranging a night out, sponsored by FCSF.

We look forward to working with you and appreciate you giving us this opportunity. Any feedback is welcome and noted.

The Collaboration Agreement.

Thank You


Capital Cost Solution

Amount (£'s):
GOV / 100k Startups
Over 3 Yrs (£'s)
Over 4 Yrs (£'s)
Over 5 Yrs (£'s)

We are happy to finance:

Part of HCFL

IT Leasing

  • Computer/Software
  • Network/Cabling
  • Storage/Servers
  • Security/Services
  • Epos Systems

Office Equipment

  • Telecommunications
  • Fax/Furniture
  • AV/Conferencing
  • CCTV/Access Control

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