Isn't it better to buy outright?

There are many reasons why leasing is a better option than straight purchase. For further details contact us and we can make you aware of the available options.

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What happens at the end of the lease?

We will extend the agreement indefinitely on payment of a single further monthly rental. After that you can keep the equipment and will never have to pay any more.

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Isn't leasing just for companies who can't afford the cash?

Companies who lease do so because they know that there are better uses for their spare funds.

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Is leasing only relevant for large acquisitions?

Transactions of all sizes are completed using lease agreements. You can lease equipment worth as little as £1000.

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Do I have to insure the equipment?

It is your responsibility to keep the equipment insured for all risks for the term of the agreement.

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What happens if the equipment becomes faulty?

You have the protection of the manufacturers and/or suppliers warranty, however the responsibility for repairs out of warranty are yours.

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What about VAT

Rentals attract VAT. This can be reclaimed if you are VAT registered.

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What can be included in the agreement?

Leasing enables the whole solution to be financed. This can include hardware, software, installation, training and warranties.

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Can the equipment be upgraded?

The equipment can be upgraded during the course of the agreement. Speak to us for further details.

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Is it possible to settle the agreement early?

It is possible; however we always recommend you speak to your accountant to make sure it does not create an adverse tax position.

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Is there a penalty for settling early?

This is dependant on the type of leasing arrangement you choose, if there is a likelihood that you will want to pay off the lease early let us know and we will make sure you have the most appropriate financing option.

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