Whether you are just starting up or running an established business, we offer a range of finance solutions that can help to put you in control of your finances and improve the efficiency of your business.

A loan may sound like something which is pretty simple, and something everybody can offer you. However within your business it is imperative that you structure your debt and make sure that you can meet your business needs with the cash in the bank. A loan can be used to purchase almost any asset. It is quick to arrange and has a fixed inflation free price over the period of the rental.

Lots of companies see this as quick and easy alternative option, compared to bank borrowings or overdrafts.


Capital Cost Solution

Amount (£'s):
GOV / 100k Startups
Over 3 Yrs (£'s)
Over 4 Yrs (£'s)
Over 5 Yrs (£'s)

We are happy to finance:

Part of HCFL

IT Leasing

  • Computer/Software
  • Network/Cabling
  • Storage/Servers
  • Security/Services
  • Epos Systems

Office Equipment

  • Telecommunications
  • Fax/Furniture
  • AV/Conferencing
  • CCTV/Access Control

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